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Reiki Tradition

A friendly
professional Company

Offering the very best in Reiki Courses

and Healing.  In the  Oldham Royton Rochdale Shaw Stockport Areas

The Oldham Reiki Network is part of Reiki Tradition a local Company which is based in Grotton Springhead Oldham in Lancashire. The name "Reiki Tradition" has been Established for over 38years where our roots with Reiki started in India. You can easily make a appointment to attend any of our Practitioners simply select  your area at the top of this page or simply view "Meet the Team" and select a practitioner.  All our practitioners listed on this website are part of our same lineage, and have been approved by Reiki Tradition for there outstanding qualities and professionalism.


We offer a home visit service for customers who cannot get to our practitioners clinic where we are pleased to attend to you in the comfort of your  own home. We cover all the main areas in and around the Oldham area.  For us to visit patients outside the Oldham your selected practitioner  may charge a small fee to cover our travelling costs.  At Reiki Tradition we also carry out FREE treatments on the terminally ill where possible.


Reiki Tradition is a professional company fully insured, qualified, and certified.  in Reiki Healing and Teaching using the Dr Mikao Usui healing system "Usui Shiki Ryoho" and signage. At Reiki Tradition we feel we offer a very competitive service to all our clients.  


Further to our commitment we offer Reiki courses from Reiki 1st degree the beginner course Reiki 2nd  degree the practitioner course and Reiki 3rd degree the master/teacher course. All our courses run frequently throughout the year. 


In 2014 we decided to safeguard Reiki and the purity of our Lineage, we published a book "Step Into Line" an insight into a Reiki lineage. After speaking to all our living past masters in the lineage we where able to piece the lineage together back to Dr Mikao Usui 1st Generation. And where proud to say that the healing techniques and teachings Degrees, symbols, and attunements are the same now as they where at 1st Generation.


Further to our commitment we decided in 2014 that a scheme had to be put in place giving all our students a professional certified document stating there Degree in Reiki. After speaking to local organizations and liaising with our legal practitioners we embarked on creating a scheme. This scheme is now what we call our "Certified Legal Scheme" and is a scheme that is becoming more standard and aware via charity organisations, Hospitals, and Hospices. All our students attending any of our courses are given upon completion, a legal certified document which is embossed with our own logo printed on 120gsm water marked paper for full authenticity. This document enables all students from Reiki 2nd Degree practitioners who want to work with Reiki as a job maybe as a volunteer etc. To present to any organisation, or employee this will guarantee that the Teaching has been carried out to a extremely high standard and aftercare is always ongoing with each student. We also stipulate that each student belongs to a pure, unique lineage that is currently being safeguarded and a commitment to continuing the preservation of the lineage is always in place .  It is also said that all student's have been taught the traditional Reiki Healing System as set out by the Usui, Hayashi, Takata lineage. This is a FREE system and is only available for all Student attending any of our Reiki Courses.



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