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Our Reiki Lineage

Reiki Tradition Lineage

Reiki Tradition

Our Reiki Lineage

A Lineage we are proud to be part of, Honour and Cherish. Reiki Tradition are committed to safe guarding the purity of our Reiki Linage

Dr Mikao Usui


1st Generation


Chujiro Hayashi


2nd Generation


Hawayo Takata


3rd Generation


Iris Ishikura


4th Generation


Arthur Robertson


5th Generation


Jeanine Sande


6th Generation


Judith Tripp Chasin


7th Generation


Sarah Hulme


8th Generation


Ethel Kilroy


9th Generation


Martin Robert Thirlwell MFHT

(Reiki Tradition)


10th Generation


Reiki Tradition practice and believe we should honour and safeguard our Reiki Lineage and traditions. Please find below our history of our Prestigious Reiki Linage.  Its important we safeguard the whole Reiki degrees, attunement and initiation process,  Just as it was handed down from our Master and their Masters before them. Safeguarding symbols and techniques that have been handed down, is extremely important to us for the continuation of Reiki, for all our masters and their masters to use in the future. The below Lineage details our unique direct link back to Dr Mikao Usui. This will help assisting our clients to decide we are a trustworthy, professional and certified Reiki Company. Offering the very best in Reiki healing and teaching. Reiki Tradition are the 10th Generation to Dr Mikao Usui.

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